Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dreaming of summertime...

  image via hooray blogspot
I found this image of a cute little cottage and it had me dreaming of my grandmothers cottage on one of the fingerlakes in upstate NY. This started me thinking about summertime and wonderful afternoons lounging on the boat and nights sitting around the fire eating s'mores.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

more love and muffins

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This week has been a little overwhelming being in Philly with so much to do, yet wanting to be home with my family. But I know that I will survive just like every time I was stressed out before. Today is a day for me to LOVE MORE. I pray that today I will be looking for people that I can show love to...that I will express my love for God in my actions and my thoughts, and that those that love me will feel the same love amplified right back at them.
Image via romaitaliano on flickr
In other news I have been accepted to the Temple University Rome study abroad program for next year fall semester. I am a little nervous and a lot excited to be traveling and experiencing different cultures. (also that I will be closer to my best friend sue-bee in switzerland)

(PS I am going to be bad today and get my second muffin in two days....don't judge me! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Tonight my roomies and I went to see The Human Experience by the grass roots movie company. 
All i can say it was amazing and I am ready to fly back to cambodia tomorrow.
WATCH THIS!(click on the title)
We were able to meet with a couple of the main guys afterwards...and hear more about there experience.
I have a lot to think about right now...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Philly to NYC and back again...

My senses are alive with the aroma of spring in the cities...


On Friday I was able to enjoy the beauty of Philadelphia. I started my morning with a much needed cup of mugshots coffee and a few hours of art history textbook reading. After that I made my way to the wonderful Trader Joes for a stock up of my favorite things; popcorn, granola, rice tortillas, and soymilk. A lovely sunny morning led me to Kelley Drive, a place where I love to run along the river and watch people stroll by. I sat myself down and drew for several hours before walking to the art museum and lounging on the steps while reading the Poisonwood Bible.


On Saturday night my lovely roomies and I took the subway like true city people to Old City and our new favorite place for vanilla chai. We sat outside at the little tables while listening to the indie music carrying out from the cafe to our eardrums. We then walked into center city and wasted time reading the magazines and exploring travel books.

today I took a class trip into New York City. While there I heard a lecture on Northern Renaissance art work  including the amazing exhibit of illuminated manuscripts done by the Limbourg brothers. Although I could have spent all day wandering the halls of the Met, I was once again lured to the outside, where I visited a lovely bakery, walked down 5th avenue, and then settled in central park listening to a wonderful little folk band for most of the afternoon.

A very good weekend was had by all! rain rain stay away come again another day!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Fusing the beauty of art with fabric of clothing for the greater good"

Recently I have decided that it is time to change my mindset from "i will get to that in the future" or "i will do that when..." to making small changes NOW and starting the big things now. So recently I have been exploring companies who have a vision and have made their ideas reality. I lived in California for four months in 2008 and was turned on by the prospect of designing apparel to raise awareness for those who are suffering. A few days ago I came across jedidiah clothing, which is emphasizing HOPE in their t-shirt designs. They support organizations such as invisible children, world vision, surfing the nation, and gabriel house. Visit their blog at  I love it!!!

image off flickr by promise

image courtesy of jedidiah clothing

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has sprung...

                         image from a beautifulmess blog

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           Image from the toms shoes website

Although the weather has been proving itself to be quite rainy, Philly is still holding out for the beautiful spring weather the weathermen have been promising. I myself have caught the spring fever and am ready for birds chirping, happiness within the city, and a fresh new outlook on the last couple months of my semester. The spring season is one of my favorites, a time when I feel better about setting goals then in the buzz of New Years. Why not change when nature is changing? Bring on this beautiful season!

I have posted some of the things that I love for getting ready for spring (although I don't believe the feather tattoo and TOMS shoes will be happening any time soon...they still make me happy to look at.
However, Rachel's Creperie in Lancaster will be one of my regular stops when I go home. A wonderful parisian atmosphere with the best crepes around. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

big rimmed glasses and a growing anxiety.

Recently I have been wondering more and more what the i will be doing in the future. A future that is soon to be the very near present. I am quickly approaching the last year of my undergraduate career. A long time coming yet bringing with it a growing anxiety...
Yet I know that God has a plan and path for my life, one that I want to follow and commit to.

Friday, March 5, 2010




The issues of social injustice, particularly child slavery and sexual trafficking which are prevalent all over the world, have grabbed a hold of me. My heart was touched for these issues when I traveled to Cambodia and the Philippines two years ago. There are more slaves now then ever before in history, yet not many people are aware of the seriousness of these atrocities. There are ways to get involved through organizations such as International Justice Mission, Love146, amnesty international, and World vision. I believe these things can be restored, it is a matter of more people getting involved and raising awareness. I have felt God calling me to advocate for these issues through my art. I have not come to a complete conclusion of how I will go about this what I will say through my pieces, but I am excited for the part I am able to play in the redemption of child slavery an sexual exploitation.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heavenly Honeys and Vintage Love...

an explanation...
often I wish I could have lived during the 70's. a perfect time for experimentation, amazing music, fashion, and old time photos. This week I have been getting lost in manipulating these beauties into a image map for an internet imaging course...mostly I just wish I was a part of these settings, jumping into a time where bob dylan was singing about a rolling stone and bread soothing their listener's soul.

Honeys Sit 'n Eat:

honey's sit 'n eat
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Today I was able to experience the amazing Honey's sit 'n eat with my beautiful friend Sarah. Just what I needed after a long week of midterms mixed with studying and lots of stress. I was excited to celebrate the wonderful freedom of spring break by a tasty meal of eggs, biscuits, and amazing latke. If you are ever in the Northern Liberties area stop by Honeys and experience a little taste of heaven in the heart of Philadelphia.