Sunday, March 21, 2010

From Philly to NYC and back again...

My senses are alive with the aroma of spring in the cities...


On Friday I was able to enjoy the beauty of Philadelphia. I started my morning with a much needed cup of mugshots coffee and a few hours of art history textbook reading. After that I made my way to the wonderful Trader Joes for a stock up of my favorite things; popcorn, granola, rice tortillas, and soymilk. A lovely sunny morning led me to Kelley Drive, a place where I love to run along the river and watch people stroll by. I sat myself down and drew for several hours before walking to the art museum and lounging on the steps while reading the Poisonwood Bible.


On Saturday night my lovely roomies and I took the subway like true city people to Old City and our new favorite place for vanilla chai. We sat outside at the little tables while listening to the indie music carrying out from the cafe to our eardrums. We then walked into center city and wasted time reading the magazines and exploring travel books.

today I took a class trip into New York City. While there I heard a lecture on Northern Renaissance art work  including the amazing exhibit of illuminated manuscripts done by the Limbourg brothers. Although I could have spent all day wandering the halls of the Met, I was once again lured to the outside, where I visited a lovely bakery, walked down 5th avenue, and then settled in central park listening to a wonderful little folk band for most of the afternoon.

A very good weekend was had by all! rain rain stay away come again another day!

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