Monday, February 14, 2011

Italia Remembered...

It has now been about more than two months since I returned home to America... oh but the memories of Roma and my life there linger. What a beautiful place with a resounding history, a very alive culture, and a passion for keeping old traditions alive and well. Oh how I loved navigating my way around this beautiful old city. I pray that one day I will be able to return and again take in its beautiful aroma. These pictures along with many others capture snippets of my favorite days spent in Italy.

1. The first picture was taken from a church on the top of capitoline hill. This was captured right after a class with one of my favorite professors, Frank Dabelle, after learning about Michael Angelo during the Italian Renaissance. I love that you can see a line of the many mopeds which populate Roma and the earthy colors of the Italian Architecture can be seen.

2. This picture was taken in the beautiful Borghese gardens. This day was especially beautiful with the bright hues of blue and green popping out from the vegetation. I had just finished shooting a self-portrait assignment for digital photography class.

3. This picture was taken by best friend in Roma, Andrew. I am in a church found in Trastevere which has a hidden an 800 year old fresco located in the upper chapel of the church. My class and I was escorted by a little old nun to this room in which she was responsible for taking care of these precious paintings. I am obviously captivated by them in this picture.

4. The last picture is a small small snippet from a wonderful couple of days spent with my friend Kimbalicious in Florence. One of my favorite places in the city was an amazing bagel cafe with wonderful cappuccinos run by a british gent.

I will never forget my time there...and will continue to show glimpses of my bella life in Italia and my trip to Switzerland.

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