Saturday, November 20, 2010

christmas is coming...

Despite the fact that it is Thanksgiving this week in America my focus has now completely shifted to CHRISTMAS. Don't get me wrong Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, yet it is no where to be found in Italy. My roommates and I have searched for pumpkins and turkey and they are non existent. However, we did manage to get a can of pumpkin puree from a visiting parent. As it is my first thanksgiving away from my home I prefer to simply no think about it. So instead of doing school work today or going outside in the rainy Rome weather, I have decided to plan some days for when I am home at Christmas.

Christmas Cheer Week #1. CHRISTMAS BRUNCH.

On Christmas my sister and I are planning a brunch, here are some of the ideas...

A spinach and bacon frittata found on

Sweet hanging snowflake mobiles over the table...found in Gifted magazine on Creature Comforts Blog

name tags looking like this on the plates also found on

good salad to accompany the quiche and Abbey's delicious french toast casserole dish

lattes for all!

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