Thursday, September 23, 2010

A half day at the beach...

 Ok so our day at the beach may not have been the most sunny, but it definitely gained points for its character...
The time had finally come for a group of about ten of us to head to the black sand beaches on the coast of Italy. Being our much awaited day off we ventured to leave around 9.30 am. We stumbled out of our beds in anticipation for relaxation and tanned, sun kissed skin. As we made our way to the sub we observed the ominous clouds and cool chill, but this being true to most Italian mornings we had faith that the clouds would burn off by noon and the sun would soon be warming our faces.  The trip cost us one euro for about an hour ride to the beaches. I dove into the world Dosteosky (the idiot) to pass the time. As we arrived to our destination, we scrambled to all get out of the metro in one piece and as a group. Many of us were still feeling a tad bit tired and hungry, so we stopped at a bar (in the states a cafe) for cappuccinos and some snacks. We then walked for about ten minutes past the beaches that charge, past the nude beaches, to the beach of our choosing. (the free beach)
At this point the wind had really picked up, the sun was nowhere to be found. Some brave souls lay there towels down and settled in for a nap, while about five us rented lounge chairs for five euro. Usually  I would hope to be a cheapo but this day, I too invested in a platform above the sand. I think the chairs were my favorite part of the day, no sand in the face, no sand in my stuff, and a feeling of being organized with no sand. The weather had peaks of sun at times, but for the most part it felt ominous. Since I didn't have much hope of getting sun, I ventured to apply my new photographic knowledge to the interesting things on the beach. Feathers, graffiti, and kites were among the objects my lens chose to focus on. After about two hours the rain began to fall, and we began to gather our stuff and leave.
We made our way home, a good time being had by all!

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