Monday, September 6, 2010

First week in Roma...

all the girls outside the palace along the tiver river

a man from one of the many beautiful water fountains
a view before crossing the bridge to get to the campus of Temple University
I love Roma!
tree lined streets

The first week in Roma has been magical! The air of this place lets off the alluring aroma of history, classical beauty, and great food. I promise I will get better with retracing my steps during the days, but this week has been overwhelming with the stuff we were discovering and all the activities packed into the days... It is definitely true what they say about 1000 years in Rome not being enough. I feel like I could spend a lifetime here and still will not be able to grasp the richness of the culture and the stories buried within the architecture. 
Later today I will post our adventure to Todi, a medieval hill town, and our 13 course meal in Orvietto. But for now I am off to buy some groceries and to head to my first day of class. Ciao!

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